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update sublime text 3 terbaru di ubuntu 14.04

Published Feb 11, 2016 | by admin

cara mudah update sublime text 3 di ubuntu 14.04.hapus dulu sublime yang sebelumnya pernah diinstall:sudo apt-get purge sublime-text-installersetelah...

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Laravel 4 : Class 'Patchwork\Utf8\Bootup' not found

Published Sep 18, 2015 | by admin

when running composer.json there is an error with Patchwork\UTF8 i get this output from terminal Fatal error: Class 'Patchw...

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Grunt watch error - Waiting…Fatal error: watch ENOSPC

Published Sep 18, 2015 | by admin

Why do I get the Waiting...Fatal error: watch ENOSPC when I run the watch task ? How do I solve this issue?After doing some research found the soluti...

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Error running gulp sass, libsass bindings not found

Published Sep 17, 2015 | by admin

Apa itu mobile hybrid? Anda hanya perlu 1x membuat aplikasi dan itu bisa digunakan di platform smartphone, seperti Android, iOS. Dibanding dengan fram...

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